Vehicle Servicing

While an NCT will make sure your car is roadworthy, servicing it will make sure the car will last. There are a lot of things that can happen to a car within a year and if not taken care of they will lead to costly repairs and maybe a replacement of the whole vehicle.
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Vehicle Diagnostics | Alex Autoservice

Vehicle Diagnostics

We offer a professional car diagnostic & car inspection service. Car Diagnostics is one of the main methods by which a car or vehicle is assessed to determine any issues or problems that it may have.
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Vehicle Diagnostics Services | Alex Autoservice
NCT Repairs | Alex Autoservice

NCT Repairs

At Alex Autoservice we offer NCT Repairs. Our technicians will take care of your vehicle to offer you the most appropriate solution to pass NCT. Also here you can service and maintain your car on a regular basis between…
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Auto Electrical Repairs | Alex Autoservice

Auto Electrical Repairs

We offer a fully equipped workshop, using the latest technology to diagnose your problem, add to that our years of experience and friendly service, we are the auto electrician you can trust!
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