We offer a fully equipped workshop, using the latest technology to diagnose your problem, add to that our years of experience and friendly service, we are the auto electrician you can trust!

Auto Electrical Diagnosis and Testing | Alex Autoservice

At Alex Autoservice, we offer car electrical repair and diagnosis services. Our specialists can help you save money by properly identifying faults and/or defective electrical components. No guess work!
We are using top of the range diagnosis tools, which are combined with our over 20 years experience in car electrical repairs.

Professional Auto Diagnosis:
Full auto diagnosis (scanning) of the engine and other components with original testers. In our service we can make auto diagnoses, injections programming, PCM programming, identifying electrical errors, deleting errors, servicing intervals, repairing, adjusting, replacing defective components.

Vehicle diagnosis is done with professional testers.

Auto Electrician
We have the necessary experience and qualifications to provide you with quality services through our staff. Repairs are done according to the electrical schemes and the standards provided by each car manufacturer. In this car service you can repair or replace electric motors, alternators, fans, burning bulbs, dashboards, car computers. We can fix almost any problem at the electrical installation of your car regardless of the brand. We do the oil change and auto filters according to the service manual.