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Air Conditioning
Vehicle air conditioning is important. It will help keep you cool on journeys in the summer but make sure your windscreen does not fog up in the winter months or when it’s raining. There are times that the air conditioning unit stops working or becomes inefficient, which is where we can help.

Alex Autoservice, based in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 offers a full air conditioning service. If you want a quote or need more information, please contact us today!

Air Conditioning Diagnostics
We don’t want you to have to spend a fortune on the air conditioning in your vehicle. Before replacing anything, Alex Autoservice technicians will do a full check to find out where the problem lies. It may just be that the vents are blocked, or that the system needs re-gassing. The only time we will replace anything is when it is really necessary.

All Different Makes & Models
At Alex Autoservice, we have the best-trained technicians. They are able to work on all different makes and models. If you have any special requirements, feel free to contact us beforehand and we will make sure we can meet your needs. Our technicians have worked on air conditioning systems for a wide range of vehicles.

Friendly & Professional Service
Alex Autoservice believes that the customer comes first. Our air conditioning specialists will talk you through the problem and will only replace items that are necessary.

For a full vehicle air conditioning service in Blanchardstown and Dublin 15 area, please contact us today for a quote or more information.

Price starting from €85 (incl. VAT)* full air conditioning service
* the price may vary depending on the amount of gas used and on the type of gas required by the vehicle manufacturer (ex: R124 or R1234)


It pays to treat your air conditioner

Many don’t think about their air-conditioner until it is needed or not performing correctly and unfortunately, it is not common for vehicle manufacturers to include air-conditioning system servicing in their standard maintenance program.

A car air-conditioning system can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. In particular, this can be a serious concern for asthma or allergy sufferers, so a clean ventilation system can make all of the difference.

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A common cause of this is the retention of condensation in the car’s cooling and heating system, generated all year round which allows dust and pollen to settle there.
In addition, a build-up of bacteria, fungi, germs, mould and spores are commonly found on the surface of the air-conditioning unit’s evaporator and in the ventilation system, especially if the unit is only being used intermittently.

This can be a major contributing factor to “sick car syndrome” – microorganisms set up home behind the dashboard and their spores are blown into the cabin and inhaled, when the occupant switches on the air conditioning or heater with a compromised ventilation unit.

With care and maintenance, the car owner can tackle this problem head on and prevent the system and their health from being compromised.

Experts recommend running the air-conditioner for at least five minutes per week to prevent seals from drying out and cracking. On an annual basis the vehicle should be disinfected and protected against bacterial growth. And on a bi-annual basis the air-conditioning system should be serviced.

Fortunately, there are a number of products available to eliminate these problems. These include cleaning systems and air filters.

Those behind the Wynn’s AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic HVAC says it is a cost-efficient cleaning system that can eradicate unpleasant cabin smells, eye and throat irritation, bronchial infections, and allergic reactions resulting from sick car syndrome. The secret of the product’s success is it cleans the air conditioning unit from the inside out, using a circular cleaning method based on ultrasonic vaporisation.

The Aircomatic service is said to clean the evaporator surface, killing microorganisms and their spores, refreshing the air ducts and the passenger compartment, and maintaining air purity in the car for long periods.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment annually for optimum results.