A dual-clutch transmission (DCT) (sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch transmission or double-clutch transmission) is a type of automatic transmission or automated automotive transmission. It uses two separate clutches for odd and even gear sets. It can fundamentally be described as two separate manual transmissions with their respective clutches contained within one housing, and working as one unit. Although usually operated in a fully automatic mode, many also have the ability to allow the driver to manually shift gears in semi-automatic mode, albeit still using the transmission’s electrohydraulics.

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What is a Dual Clutch Transmission?

A dual clutch transmission is an automatic transmission that relies on two distinct clutches for even and odd gears. Essentially it’s two unique manual transmissions and clutches housed within one compartment. These components work in unison to propel the vehicle to higher/lower speeds in a seamless manner.

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Is a Double Clutch Automatic or Manual Transmission?

Though the vast majority of dual-clutch transmissions function in automatic mode, some are capable of permitting the driver to manually shift from one gear to the next in what is referred to as “semi-automatic mode” or his and hers modes.

Dual clutch trannies are sometimes referred to as double clutch or twin clutch transmissions.

The Advantages of Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Dual-clutch transmissions are growing in popularity because of their benefits over old fashioned automatic gearboxes including:

    • Increased Fuel Economy
    • Fast Gear Shifting
    • Rapid Upshift at High Speeds
    • Reduction in Shift Delay

This transmission provides improved fuel economy, excellent driving performance and a much more responsive feel compared to Continuously Variable Transmissions and conventional automatic transmissions. Dual-clutch transmissions are also coveted as they allow for rapid shifting, making it quite easy to accelerate into higher gears in little time. Ask any track car expert and he will testify that a dual-clutch transmission is preferable to a traditional gearbox primarily because of its ability to hit high speeds with excellent fuel efficiency and minimal delay. Though plenty of car-lovers enjoy shifting through the gears with a manual transmission, a dual-clutch automatic transmission certainly has its own merits.

Dual Clutch Transmission Repair/Replacement

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