Dashboard Camera F200 1 CH


Overview Thinkware F200 1CH 16GB Dash Cam

The “all-rounder” dash cam with wifi built-in, fits snugly behind your rearview mirror and captures everything in sharp, pristine quality. Control from your smartphone!

The Thinkware F200 dashcam records in full HD 1080p quality with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology to offer superior recording performance day and night and minimize blind spots. Compact and sturdy, it fits neatly in behind the rearview mirror and is completely unintrusive for the driver. Includes Wifi built-in, which makes connecting to the dashcam via a smartphone so simple. Use the Thinkware iOS / Android app to adjust settings on the F200 and easily view or download footage. The F200 is a powerful dash cam packed full of features and upgrade/add on options. Perfect for everyday drivers, businesses, fleets and taxi/Uber/TNC drivers. This is a single channel, front-facing dash camera with a 16GB Memory Card included.
Quick Summary:

Full HD 1080P<br />
140° Wide Angle<br />
1 CH Front Recording System<br />
Built in Wifi<br />
16GB Memory Card<br />
Safety Camera Alerts with external GPS antenna (optional add on)<br />
Mobile App Compatible<br />
G-Sensor Incident Detection<br />
Integrated Thermal Protection<br />
Front Vehicle Departure Warning<br />
Advanced Parking Surveillance Recording<br />
Advanced Video Clear Technology<br />
Format Free 2.0

Add Ons and Upgrades

What’s made Thinkware dashcams the most popular dash cam in the USA is the numerous secondary camera configurations that can be added. For this unit, you can add on a GPS antenna to activate safety camera alerts, a regular rearview camera to record behind your vehicle, an interior infrared camera to record inside the cab, or a weatherproof external rear camera. All optional, and sold separately. It’s never been so easy or affordable to convert a top branded 1CH dashcam to a 2CH two camera recording system!
High Definition Video Quality

1080p CMOS Image Sensors allow constant Full 1080p HD resolution recording during both daytime and night time with excellent contrast and exposure control. With a broad 140-degree wide-angle lens view, this will minimize blind spots to ensure recording of all events without fail. WDR technology used to Thinkware dash cams are equipped with the most top-notch video enhancement technology on the market, ensuring the most vivid video recordings under any circumstance.
Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

When your car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, the intelligent guidance system informs you that the car in front has started to move, preventing a delayed response just in case you stop looking ahead.
Safety Camera Alerts

Exclusive only to Thinkware dashcams! Get alerted to any photo enforcement locations on your route while still recording videos. Designed to work on fixed speed cameras, mobile zones, average speed checks, and red light systems. GPS Antenna required – sold separately.
Energy Saving Parking Recording

Energy saving mode will reduce power consumption by 1/3 less and gives 3x longer video recording than normal parking mode. When you are away for a holiday or leaving your car for quite some time, energy saving parking recording is a recommended solution. When in use, the device will go to sleep and as soon as an impact has been detected by the built-in G-senor, it will wake up within a second and start recording for next 20 seconds.
Multiple Recording Modes

Thinkware dash cams are equipped with the most top-notch video enhancement technology on the market, ensuring the most vivid video recordings under any circumstance.
Continuous Recording Mode:

This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.
Incident Recording Mode:

The Active Impact Monitoring System will automatically store the video data ten seconds prior to and after a collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.
Manual Recording Mode:

Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occur in front of your vehicle whether or not it is in motion.
Advanced Parking Recording & Audio Recording
Fail Safe Recording

In the event that the power gets disconnected after an accident, the fail-safe recording uses a Super Capacitor for backup power to ensure safe storage of any recording in progress – so you can be assured that your valuable data will be securely stored under any circumstances.
High Temperature Protection System

Overheating is not a problem as the F70 is specifically built to discharge heat quickly. The built-in thermal sensor of the F70 protects the device and its data against intense heat by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating. Rest assured that the F70 can be used safely in any climate!
Viewing Footage

Use the dedicated Thinkware iOS or Android app to adjust your dashcam settings, view footage, view information about your journeys and download or share footage. Can also be used with the PC or Mac viewer as an alternative. Extremely easy to use app and PC viewer.

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