Dashboard Camera F100 1 CH


Overview Thinkware F100 1CH 16GB Dash Cam

The Best Sellling Thinkware F100 – reliable, smart and unbeatable recording quality

The Thinkware F100 dash cam is a simple to use and very affordable entry level dash cam. Recording with a 1080p Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor Front camera, it has upgraded optics for superior day & night vision. When you buy a Thinkware dash cam, you buy the No1 Dash Cam brand in the USA and beyond, renowned for their superior quality, reliability and incredibly smart technology.

This Thinkware dash cam has a wide view angle of 135° which captures an extensive view of up to 5 lanes of traffic and offers a clear view at all times. The F100 Thinkware dashcam has the capacity to record for 124 minutes with a 16GB SD card and will run automatically on a loop recording feature, giving you complete peace of mind.
Key Features:

Full 1080p HD recording, day and night<br />
Durable quality, built to endure all weather climates<br />
Fail-safe recording system even during an accident<br />
Thermal protection system<br />
Motion impact detection<br />
No limited life cycle<br />
Smart focusing system<br />
Noise reduction system<br />
GPS tracking is optional with the GPS antenna (sold separately)

What sets this Thinkware Dash Cam apart?

The Thinkware F100 features the intelligent Safety Camera Alerts when connected to an external GPS antenna (sold separately), providing drivers with regularly updated information on verified speed camera locations and known mobile speed traps.

The this Thinkware dash cam has a specially designed heat discharge construction and the built-in thermal sensor protect the device and its data against intense heat by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating. This is an extremely useful feature to protect and extend the life of your dash cam if you use it in the summer time, and in hotter climates.

In the event that power gets disconnected to your Thinkware F100 after an accident, fail-safe recording kicks in and will ensure safe storage of any recording in progress using the internal backup power. Your recordings will always be in safe hands with Thinkware!
3 Recording Modes Available:
Continuous Recording Mode

This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.
Incident Recording Mode

The Active Impact Monitoring System will automatically store the video data ten seconds prior to and after a collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.
Manual Recording Mode

Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occur in front of your vehicle whether or not it is in motion.

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