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We Are Open - Alex Autoservice

Monday, 4th January 2021


Complying with HSE regulations, we have in place strict measures in relation to customers visiting our depot and our staff safety protecting everyone against the new Covid-19.

We have changed some of our procedures and we will like to apologise in advance to everyone for any inconvenience might be caused.

  1. Our customers and staff safety is the number one priority, so we have in place new measures regarding Social Distancing and Covid-19 preventing discipline
  2. We will operate our services normal hours only by appointments made in advance
  3. Only one customer at one time allowed in our reception room
  4. We will encourage our customers to wear a face mask if possible while visiting us
  5. There will be no access for our customers to our facilities (waiting room, toilets and workshop)
  6. We will require only the key of the vehicle (will be sanitised before and after), so please make sure you will remove the other items attached to the keyring
  7. Every vehicle will be sanitised before work commences with a disinfectant and by using our professional Purifier Fresh Air Ozone Machine before work commences, all the contact points like steering wheel, door handle, gear stick, onboard controllers or where the work requires contact with more areas (please note: these procedures might extend the work time by 30 min to 1 hour on all jobs)
  8. All our staff will be using PPE accordingly
  9. We will recommend everyone to respect the social distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) at all times

Alex Autoservice Blanchardstown and its team will do everything to provide you with the same excellent service as before and will make sure that your health and safety will be a priority.