At Alex Autoservice, our experts can professionally fit your dash cam into your car.

Dashcam Installation

Our professional dashcam installers will fit your dashcam directly to your car electrics for a seamless and more reliable integration. No more wires and clutter on display.

Our auto electrical specialist offer our customers a fully integrated and seamless dashcam installation. Our dash cam installation experts have years of experience fitting dash cams to all makes and models of vehicles from cars to HGVs.

If you book and buy your camera with us, you’ll also get a full warranty on your installation for the entire duration of the camera warranty (usually one year). This means you won’t pay any further charges for installation faults.

Alex Autoservice Dash Cam Fitting Service

We also can fit your own dash cam.

You will need to decide whether you want the camera to come on and off with the ignition or if you want the camera to be permanently live. If you want to benefit from parking protection mode you will need the camera to be powered at all times but you will also need a hardwire kit that detects when the battery is reaching a dangerously low level and automatically cuts the power to the camera to prevent the battery from going flat.

Plus, if you order installation at the same time as your camera you’ll benefit from free delivery on your camera and accessories!

For a professional car camera installation you will need a hardwire kit which can be purchased at the same time as your dash cam. For installation, we recommend the 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Socket Adapter which will work with any dashcam. If you want to power the camera at all times to take advantage of parking protection, we recommend a hardwire kit. If you do not have a hardwire kit, your installation may incur additional costs on the day for any additional hardwiring equipment.

Why Should I Get My Dash Cam Professionally Fitted?

There are a few reasons to get your Dash Cam installed:
– Always on – your Dash Cam will turn on when you turn on the ignition, and turn off when you turn the engine off, meaning that you’re always recording in case something happens out on the road
– Neater – there’s no cable hanging over your car’s dashboard and getting in your way
– Doesn’t use the Dash Cam battery – so there’s no fear of it running out of battery at a crucial moment
– Keeps your cigarette lighter free – perfect for using other gadgets

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